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Underground space development plays a critical role in cities, connecting spaces, people and goods, thereby creating a new urban fabric that contributes to the liveability and character of cities. Overwhelming growth of cities in developing countries, shifting demographics and aging infrastructure in older cities engaged with the demand for improved liveability and environmental protection are creating a strong demand for new underground infrastructure. The importance of urban planning, sustainable development and urban resilience  for urban underground space and how this links to the new urban agenda is crucial.

Underground spaces are certainly not limited to transport infrastructure. They are also equally significant when it comes to integrated water and sanitation management. Most cities have limited understanding of the potential of underground space and there is little clarity on the importance of a planning approach to this space. The potential of underground space is typically overlooked or neglected in planning processes. The use of underground space can help cities remain compact, energy efficient or find the space needed to include new functions in the existing city landscape.

The sustainable development of urban underground space is an issue which often gets overlooked. The use of underground space, or rather its' lack of use in our cities is something that urban planners and governments need to look into. There is so much that can be done below the surface of our cities. Underground space is an undervalued and a precious asset that has a role to play in the future of our cities. It provides urban areas with additional space when surface space runs out and can add quality to the urban fabric if done right whilst at the same time, the creation of underground space faces many challenges both from a human design perspective and in terms of technical and cost challenges.

marcus evans takes great pride in organising our flagship platform “4th Annual Urban Underground Space and Tunneling” large scale conference whereby this conference is specially designed to meet all underground and tunnelling practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will cover various aspects of urban underground planning and design as well as innovative construction methods and technologies to maximise efficiency. The least understood aspect remains the fact that the subsurface, depending on the type of geology, delivers an ecosystem that is key to human survival. An urban underground future is something many look forward to as an untapped potential where the underground space will become vital for our survival.



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